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In constant progress, TNT Trade Consulting offers you the most recent perspectives on the market and the proper management.


We develop right now the pumps market, finding technical solutions for new clients that modernise their factories in a competitive world, working together with different producers to find the best solution, not just technical, but also from economical view.

The most convenient pumps for our customers can be found from producers: Netzsch, Serfilco, MAPRO, Edur, Casappa, Lowara, Pedrollo, ProMinent, Finish Thompson, Milton Roy, Almatec. Spare parts like rotor, stator, seals, joints, diaphragms, filters can be found at us. Water Treatment is also our specialty, we find solutions and provide equipment: filters (all types, up to reverse osmosis), dosing pumps or integrated panels, accesories.

In the building materials domain: we distribute doors and windows, organise trainings for sales assistants.


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Our new project is real estate business.

Last decades real estate market was a boom-collapse market, especially in countries like Romania where transition from centralized to liberalised economy is very hard to accomplish. Politicians start and stop programs to help young people buying a house, bank interests are going up-down in few years, wages grow overnight for public employees.

The main goal is to help an ageing population: a retiree has other needs than a youngster. More than 90% of real estate is in the property of the inhabitant and when retire, a lot of people find themselves in a house that doesn't suit them well: is too large or at a high level, sometimes without an elevator. We try to change their perspective that their are stucked and have to be complacent with a difficult senior life. We offer them suitable homes, we help them moving in the new house, we find them financing.

This is our contribution to develop a human society, with relaxed and happy people, with problems solved, people who travel to see and know new places, people who socialize not only by internet, but in real life, people who can enjoy every day from much more perpectives than in the past.